Our equipment and our operators are in compliance with the State Forestry Best Management Practices. Every Logging Crew and Buyer are also certified and TOP logger trained.

We can help you determine the best harvest options available to maximize your growth and return from your timberland.  


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If you are interested in selling your timber or a free appraisal ,contact us.

We consider the height, species of timber, maturity, volume of trees per acre , as well as distance to the mills when giving estimates on your timber.  Fluctuating markets also play a big role in your timbers value.

​​Replanting and conservation 

Did you know there are new improved seedlings available that can bring faster and more profitable future harvest?  Managing timber correctly can be a great way to conserve wildlife and make a great return on your investment.  Please call us for a free appraisal 

We ensure that your property is harvested cleanly while achieving your property goals.  We pride ourselves in making sure we are your choice in the future for all of your forestry and timber harvesting needs.

What is my timber worth?

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